Do-Overs and Mixed Signals

What do you do when the guy you’ve talked to for weeks on a dating app doesn’t show up when you finally agree to meet, and then ghosts you? You block him and forget about him, of course. That’s exactly what Hollie did, and then she took it a step further by deleting the app entirely.

So what if her thirty-fifth birthday is looming and her life looks completely different than she expected it would? Who has time for dating and romance these days anyway? Not Hollie—her job as manager at the local food bank keeps her busy, as do her three best friends. That’s all she really needs in life.

Or so she convinces herself until a tall, dark, and handsome Brit walks into her life. Hollie can’t figure out why the handsome stranger seems so familiar until it hits her: Spencer is no stranger. He’s the guy who ghosted her on the dating app all those weeks ago.

Spencer’s explanation of what happened that night cracks the armor around Hollie’s heart, and seeing him again stirs up all kinds of old feelings. When he proposes a do-over of sorts, Hollie accepts. There’s just one caveat: he’s only interested in being friends.

As the pair reconnect, Spencer lights Hollie up in ways she never expected. They share pieces of themselves they’ve never shown anyone else, and their chemistry is undeniable. It doesn’t take long for Hollie to realize friendship isn’t enough for her. In her heart, she believes Spencer feels the same, but he runs so hot and cold, and befuddles her with mixed signals.

As her birthday approaches and Spencer informs her he’ll be returning to England soon, Hollie has to either find the courage to go after what she wants or walk away from Spencer for good. Either choice could end in heartbreak. Happy freakin’ birthday to her.

Do-Overs & Mixed Signals is an opposites-attract, friends-to-lovers, second-chance romantic comedy set in the fictional town of Bellevue, Ontario, Canada. Full of banter, crackling chemistry, and plenty of swoons, this is a kissing-only romance with mild language. It's the third book in the Best Friends & Birthdays series, and can be read as a standalone.

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