Hung Up on You

Julia and Zack aren’t really dating. Their relationship is fake. Julia’s heart did not get the memo.

Julia is single and happy, thank you very much. Try telling that to her happily-coupled bestie, though. She’s so determined to pair Julia off, she brings an extra guy friend along on a weekend getaway in what’s clearly a set-up attempt. Julia hates to admit it, but her interest is immediately piqued by sweet, sexy, nerdy Zack. There’s just one problem: he’s still hung up on his ex. Big time.

That doesn’t stop their friends from throwing them together at every opportunity, and insisting they’d make the perfect couple. Despite her attraction to Zack, Julia is determined to friend zone least until he suggests they pretend to date to get their friends off their backs.

At first, their fake “dating” is more friendship than fireworks. But as they grow closer, the lines begin to blur between them, and Julia realizes she has to either shut down her developing feelings for Zack or let him in. The question is: can she fully trust him with her heart? Or does his heart still belong to his ex?


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