Maybe You

Some rules are meant to be broken...

Meredith has rules. As a personal companion and “professional cuddler”, it’s a necessity. Her number one rule: Don’t get attached to clients and don’t let them get attached to her. She’s never had a problem with that until she meets Kieran.

The adorable Irishman hires Meredith for emotional support in facing his estranged family, but he’s the one who ends up comforting her as she tries to come to terms with her beloved mother’s slide into the heartbreaking abyss of Alzheimer’s. It's only when Meredith sees how much she's leaning on Kieran that she realizes she's blurred the lines between professional and personal, but even worse? She’s broken her number one rule. She’s gotten attached to a client.

Meredith knows the best solution is to resume a strictly professional relationship. But Kieran makes her feel something she never thought she'd feel again. Surely that's worth breaking her own rules for?


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