Silver Bells and Serendipity

Coming November 20th, 2023

Can serendipity bring them together again for the third Christmas in a row?

Sylvie and Cole met by chance two Christmases ago and spent a magical, memorable afternoon together. Despite their shared attraction, they knew their connection was a case of ‘right place, wrong time’, and they weren’t meant to be.

Or so they thought until the next Christmas when they ran into each other again in a different city. This time it was a case of being in the right place at the right time, but their circumstances were still the same, and being together just didn’t make sense. That didn’t stop them from indulging in a night of passion. After all, who were they to question what felt like a combination of fate and Christmas magic?

Now it’s almost Christmas again and it seems like their luck has run out. Will serendipity bring them together again or are they destined to remain apart with nothing but beautiful memories of their time together?

*Unlike the other books in the Best Friends & Birthdays series, Silver Bells & Serendipity has on-page, open-door steamy content. It was originally published in 2022's Wanted: Mistletoe Anthology. It can be read as a standalone.

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